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Best and Healthiest Dog Chew in Australia

Super Dog Chews

If you haven’t heard about Super Himalayan dog chews, let me update you. Chewing is one of a dog’s favourite activities and it is beneficial for their own dental and mental health. While it obviously brushes their teeth, it also stimulates them mentally, resulting in a balanced dog with a lot less anxiety or stress […]

The Benefits of Super Himalayan Dental Dog Chews

Every dog owner wants their beloved furry friend to be happy and healthy. We put a lot of effort into brushing and washing to keep them clean and pest-free, we carefully choose the brand and formula of foods to give them, and we even take the time to clean their ears to prevent infections. One […]

Healthiest Dog Treat from The Himalayas and its benefits

Super Dog Chews are made from 100% organic grass and herb fed cow  milk – straight in the Himalayas. Super  Chew is not only an incredible dental chew but it is also a high protein nutritious supplement too.  As a dental chew Super Dog Chew helps remove plaque and tartar and keeps your Dog gums strong. Nutritionally, […]

Here are 3 steps to train Older Dogs at Home

House training older dogs is a more delicate process than with younger dogs. If you are looking to adopt an older dog that was not previously exposed to any house training at a young age, it is going to bring along its bad habits such as chewing, excessive barking, making holes in the yard or […]