The Benefits of Super Himalayan Dental Dog Chews

Every dog owner wants their beloved furry friend to be happy and healthy. We put a lot of effort into brushing and washing to keep them clean and pest-free, we carefully choose the brand and formula of foods to give them, and we even take the time to clean their ears to prevent infections. One of the biggest contributors to dog happiness and health is the quality of their teeth. Dogs love to chew things, and they don’t just do it for the joy of chewing. Gnawing on something tough but tasty acts like a toothbrush for your dog, which is why many pet-parents look for dental chews that can improve breath and create happy, healthy teeth. Unfortunately, not every brand of dental chew is good for your dog.

Don’t Trust the Greenies

Unhappy pet owners across the country are discovering that many commercial dental chews do not consider the intestinal health of your dog when putting together their formula. Greenies especially, known widely to promote good dental health and give your dogs nice-smelling breath, have notoriously harmed pets causing vomiting, diarrhea, and dangerous internal blockages. Some pets have even died as a result. How can a dental chew cause this much trouble?

The answer is simple: try soaking a greenie in a bowl of water. With normal dog treats and even rawhide chews, you expect to see it dissolve after a little while. Greenies last for days. That’s right, they don’t break up in water and they don’t break up in your dog’s intestines either. While they may be made of plant fiber, it has the same effect as eating plastic, which is something no responsible pet owner would allow.

Any Non-Dissolving Chew is Dangerous

Greenies are one of the worst because pet owners think they’re safe but, in fact, anything that doesn’t dissolve can cause internal problems if your dog decides to swallow it, and what dog doesn’t swallow a treat? Nylabones, for instance, have also been known to cause problems along with things like small rope toys. This naturally leaves dog owners to wonder how to give their dogs the chewing they need without risking internal blockage, especially if they’ve got a pet that can eat a rawhide chew in less than an hour.

Super Himalayan Dog Cheese Chews

You might laugh when you hear it, but the answer is Yak milk. The people of the Himalayas have a traditional chewy snack make of hardened yak cheese. It is incredibly tough, requires a lot of chewing to soften and the porous cheese structure is great for scrubbing not only the surface but between your teeth as well. Traditional Himalayan dog snacks made with human-safe and recognizable ingredients have been used as dental chews for decades because they’re safe, soluble, and perfect for scraping off plaque from doggy teeth. Dogs love them because they’re made of cheese and owners love them because it’s a dental solution that never ends in a trip to the vet.

Super Himalayan Dental Dog Chews

Our favorite line of Himalayan chews are Super Dog Chews, which come in two sizes based on the weight and chewing capacity of your furry friend. The formula has been specially put together to promote healthy dog teeth with the tough but scrubbing porous material, extra fiber, and just a touch of flavor. Dogs don’t need weird additives or filler material and they don’t care about artificial colors so these natural snacks are perfect. Your pet will delight in the opportunity to chew on something cheesy and delicious all day long, but the amount of time it takes them to get through one means you don’t have to worry about the cleanup consequences normally associated with dogs who eat soft cheeses.

Unlike a lot of pet products, the ingredients in Happy Teeth chews are not only easy to read and understand, they’re completely natural. The hardened Yak cheese isn’t a flavor for some insoluble filler, it’s the main ingredient with everything else added for flavor and improved dental health. After starting with the cheese base, Happy Teeth adds a touch of salt along with some good-smelling lime juice, coconut powder, rice powder for firmness and fiber, and a little potassium sorbate which is a mild preservative used in both human and pet foods. That’s all! No crazy additives, no non-organic BS. When you reach the end of one, you can throw it in the microwave which will soften it enough to be easy for your dog to happily finish every bite.


Using Super Dog Chew for Dental Health

For owners that want to provide excellent dental care to their pets without breaking out the toothbrush (an experience neither you nor the dog enjoys), Super Dog Chew is a wonderful solution. Dogs don’t need to brush as often as we do, but they’re teeth are still much better off with the occasional opportunity to scrape off the plaque that hides on, around, and between their teeth. While they’re great for an all-the-time treat, you only need about one Super Dog Chew per week for great doggy dental health. The rest of the week you can alternate between safe chew bones, grain or dried meat treats, and even fresh fruit like apples or bananas to promote other kinds of health.

Your dog is always there to support you when you’re sad, play when you’re happy, and help you out with leftovers and the chewy bits of steak. You trust them to love you no matter what, and they trust you to know what’s best for them from internal health to clean and long-lasting teeth. By making thoughtful decisions and only buying treats that are natural and safe for your dog, you can fulfill your half of the partnership so the two of you can enjoy a long happy life together.


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