Manufacturing Process

From Natural Raw Materials to Chews

All Natural Himalayan Super Dog Chew! A long-lasting dog chew is made using the century-old recipe of the Himalayas. After an extensive processing, quality checks, and packaging process the products are ready to be available in the market.

1.Collection of milk

Our process begins with the collection of  pure milk from cows that eat green grass,leaves,fodder & forage that grows in nature and live on small private farms in  Europe.The milk produced is high in nutritional value as a result of their grazing on these plants.


In the next phase the milk is pasteurized to ensure product safety and uniformity.Pasteurization is done by heating the milk at 71 degrees Celsius.

Once the milk thickens after consistent beating and stirring the butter is extracted, making the Super Dog Chew low in fat. Next, the remaining milk is heated again until white cheese starts forming to remove the lactose and make the hardened cheese.


The hot milk in poured in centrifuge device to remove most fat.Once the milk cooled down,it is coagulatated.

4.Natural Aging

Once milk coagulates ,the solids are separated using a burlap sack and strained for several hours to remove all liquids.The solids in the sack are then subjected to squeezing for 24 hours ,when it obtains at most 35% moisture. The sack is then compressed for few days. Next, the wrapped cheese is cut into pieces and dried for minimum 25 days in a room with appropriate moisture level.

5.Cleaned, Cut,Inspected & shipment

These dry hard chews are brought into the processing unit where every piece of chews are first tested for quality and then further cleaned using buffing machines and lime juice, chopped into various sizes using food grade equipments which are packaged in our Sydney warehouse and then shipped to customers .Strict hygiene standards are maintained to prevent any contamination to the chews.