About Us

Established in 2017, the Super Dog Chew is a Australian owned business headquartered in Sydney. We specialize in pet treats and pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality natural product for the lowest possible price. All our products are made from 100% Natural ingredients.Our Super Dog chew is an all-natural, easy-to-digest,ready to eat nutrient-balanced and healthy treats made from hardened European cow milk .We pride ourselves in the belief that our ethical standards are more stringent than those of our competitors.

Super Dog Chews was founded on the idea that Australian dogs deserve the best. The product is very popular in USA,Canada,Europe & Asia.This is for 1st time being introduced to Australia.We stand proudly by our name by providing all natural chews with only the best quality ingredients directly from the source. We strive to provide safe, healthy and nutritious treats that are also delicious in flavor and that serve as a great alternative to rawhide & chemically engineered dental chews.

We love dogs, just like you! We do not believe that our products should be made at the expense of other animals or humans welfare. We are a socially responsible company that follows fair trade practices and believes in giving back to society.Originating from a centuries-old Himalayan recipe and perfected by us over the years, the specially handcrafted Super Dog Chew treats are made with 100% pure cow milk. Smoked and sun dried to perfection for over 35 days for extra hardness and rich flavor, these chews are a natural favourite of canines across the world. An epitome of commitment and care for your beloved pet friend, Super Dog Chew is a 100% natural product; free from grain, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavoring. Hence, when it comes to Super Dog Chew, you’re holding not just another bag of dog treats, but also a promise to your pets, that you’ll always give them nothing but the best.

We have been animal owners & lovers all our lives and making high quality great value pet products is the aim of our team. We know you want the best for your pet, that’s why we only use the best available ingredients. Nothing is too good for our dogs.We are actively involved in all facets of the business. We are regularly introducing new products for your dog to benefit from.With our website we are now able to provide customers across Australia with our excellent product for your dog to enjoy.

Please browse our website, we hope you enjoy shopping with us. If you have any questions please contact us.

Super Dog Chew Team